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It is in the details...that something that will set you apart. I believe that accessories are essential to this end, they take you to the place that reveals your style, your beauty, your sense of independence. That place where you flow with life.

Nagare is accessories. Jewelry to adorn with earrings that drip "beautiful", necklaces that behold the eyes, bracelets so powerful it's like your a Wonder Woman. And then there is the Knit Wear, a celebration of color and texture, reflecting journeys to the unknown...wraps to envelope and embrace, handbags with lots of room for lipstick and rouge, and then of course scarves, hats, and fingerless gloves that ever so subtly accentuate your individual style.

Nagare is a Japanese word with the meaning "to flow with life"...Like water falling from the heavens into the earth and rivers and oceans then rising up again, to the stars, reborn...continually flowing with life. 

Nagare Boutique Blog

And yet another year has passed....

Nagare Jewelry and Knitted Accessories

As 2016 comes to a close I can think of one word to sum it up, "grateful". Nothing like trials and tribulations to add dramatic contrast to one's life. Coming out on the other side of challenges enlightens us all and for me it has really shined the light on all that I have to be grateful for in my life. My husband, family, friends, precious pets, work colleagues, customers, the Hallmark Channel, BBQ potato chips, Baileys, and of course my business.

That said, my grateful self is excited for the new year. Nagare Boutique has thrived this past year as I've really worked on defining my different collections and building a repeat clientele. Also my venue CRAFTED, is growing and getting busier all the time. I love when a new year comes as it is so wonderful to start planning, looking forward, and dreaming of the endless possibilities. I hope that you'll join  me and we can thrive together.


Happy 2016!

Nagare Jewelry and Knitted Accessories

Wow, where did 2015 go? Just read my blogs from last year and well... I kinda didn't quite follow through. Such is life, good intentions and all that...

New year, new chance. 

2015 was a wonderful year, quite busy, eventful, and successful in many ways. My shop partner Tish and I moved to our own shops, in the back section of CRAFTED. We're right next to one another and continue to be BFFs but now we each have more space for product and classes. Our inventories have increased as well as our sales! CRAFTED is doing great and I continue to love being in such a wonderful space full of so many talented people!

This year brings many new Nagare original designs, building on past creations, focusing on being different than items one might find elsewhere and always, one-of-a-kind. New in Nagare Boutique are mixed glass leather bracelets, Anthology necklaces, hand embossed metal with patina finishes, and DIY retail beads, including metal components, sea glass, and hand embossed pieces.

Watch for a new class schedule coming soon. Also the brewery next door should be opening anytime now so that will be great and super fun! 

See you soon,  Peggy





NEW! Tile and Leather Bracelet

Nagare Jewelry and Knitted Accessories

As a creative person with a bit of an attention disorder, (self diagnosed), I tend to jump around with my jewelry and knitting projects, always looking for something new to do. A while back I discovered "super duo" Czech Glass beads, a rectangle style seed bead with two holes in it. I of course purchased some of these beads without knowing how I might use them.

Since then, I have discovered that my friend and very talented shop partner Tish from Diva Beads, uses this style bead in her beautiful bead weaving projects with great success. Alas, I could never do intricate bead weaving like Tish's but I did discover a simple weave that I can do in the style of my leather wrap bracelets. So cute! Love em!

Hope to get them on the site soon but until then you can come into my shop at CRAFTED for a look see.

A New Year, A New Adventure...Blog, Blog, Blog?

Nagare Jewelry and Knitted Accessories

Hi there! This is Peggy from Nagare, here to share what's new in my shop, Crafted, and sometimes, life. 

Nagare hats, scarves, and flowers! Modeled by beautiful Allie, my friend at Fringe in Redondo Beach.

Nagare hats, scarves, and flowers! Modeled by beautiful Allie, my friend at Fringe in Redondo Beach.

A big thanks to all of the folks who made it to CRAFTED this past November or December. I had a very successful holiday season at CRAFTED with record sales so I have been very busy working on new merchandise! It was wonderful meeting new people and visiting with dear friends who came in to visit and shop often. 

The new year is always a promise of hope. Last year is a blur for me, with the loss of my mother. February 15, 2015 marks one year since I last held her and told her, in the flesh that I love her. But alas with time we tuck things away in our hearts to move forward. This year I'm committed to try new things, to shove fear aside, to pound out my message  if need be....At the same time cherishing what I've had....All the time celebrating what is and is to come.

This years' goal for Nagare Boutique is to keep this website as well as my  Nagare Etsy shop, updated and current with my newest creations. So, keep checking back to see what is new and remember one-of-a-kind is "one and done".  If an item is is gone baby, gone.

It would be great to see you in person to exchange greetings and smiles...share what is new.

What's new with the shop?  I've been playing more with multimedia pieces combining chain, leather, beads, fabric, metal, shells, and what not. Come see my long necklaces with a ring cluster full of goodies, dangling with earthy sparkle often sharing a message. I've been metal stamping, gently pounding out words and messages onto metal for pieces with attitude. I've  made some really darling leather rings with big silver or gold buckles. I've been playing with up-cycling not only in my felted flowers but with aluminum can cut out flowers to dangle from the ears as well as new fabric and wire wrapped  beads, (fabric from Saris via India or from my closet of past favorite garments.)   And of course...Nagare knitwear continues to flourish in painted colors appearing as blurry landscapes or psychedelic 60's posters is the form of hats, finger-less gloves, wraps, and cowls!

Hope to see or hear from you soon!

Peggy Sue