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112 22nd St.
San Pedro, California 90731


It is in the details...that something that will set you apart. I believe that accessories are essential to this end, they take you to the place that reveals your style, your beauty, your sense of independence. That place where you flow with life.

Nagare is accessories. Jewelry to adorn with earrings that drip "beautiful", necklaces that behold the eyes, bracelets so powerful it's like your a Wonder Woman. And then there is the Knit Wear, a celebration of color and texture, reflecting journeys to the unknown...wraps to envelope and embrace, handbags with lots of room for lipstick and rouge, and then of course scarves, hats, and fingerless gloves that ever so subtly accentuate your individual style.

Nagare is a Japanese word with the meaning "to flow with life"...Like water falling from the heavens into the earth and rivers and oceans then rising up again, to the stars, reborn...continually flowing with life. 

Hippy Chic Shop

Peace, love, and flowers...they're a state of mind from a more innocent time.

Hippy Chic is a trip to a different place when one shared their passion for free expression in their way of dress as well as attitude. Wear hip jewelry with a message and groovy knitted accessories to wrap you in coolness.

Be happy, keep on truckin', kick back and love the world. 

Mountain Sunrise

Mountain Sunrise Ascot 38 inches.jpg
Mountain Sunrise Ascot 38 inches.jpg

Mountain Sunrise


As a California native, I've always felt robbed of the chance to wear knitted accessories thus, my passion for knitting little scarves and lacy wraps; Cali-style. This piece has the beautiful browns and mauve tones of an early sunrise over the mountains when all other colors are still trapped in darkness. Cute and casual it even looks great with a tank top and maybe a denim jacket. Wear it like a necklace but don't forget your earrings and a couple bracelets too. 

This piece is hand-knit by Peggy from yarn she has designed, hand tying one yarn to the next from a pallet of luxury yarns in her fiber collection. Peggy's hand-tied yarn features small fringe like lengths of yarn throughout the piece where the yarns are tied together. Absolutely one-of-a-kind

This little scarf is 38" long.

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